Heart Care Tips To Get Healthy Heart

The term heart disease in fact applies to a number of illnesses that influence the circulatory system, which consists of heart and blood vessels. It is intended to deal here only with the state commonly called “Heart Attack” and the factors, which lead to such state.

Heart attack is the popular term for unexpected pain in chest with breathing difficulty arising out of certain heart conditions.

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Here are tips about what you can do if you want a healthy heart:

1. Stay away from cigarettes: Smoking is a definite no-no when it comes to heart care. Smoking is one of the top factors for heart diseases. Yet many people are heedless of this. Smoking can have a lot of adverse effects on the heart. Some of them include: heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, angina etc.

If you quit smoking even after many years of this habit, you can hope to regain your health. Hopefully your heart will recover and even the cholesterol levels may reduce once people give up this nasty habit of smoking.

2. Walking: Do you know that walking is one of the best forms of exercise for the body. When you walk, all muscles of the body get some exercise. It is recommended to do brisk walking.

It is good if you can manage to set aside at least 30 minutes daily for some brisk walking. However some people cannot set aside separate time for walking everyday. Such people can make use of opportunities like going to a shop, climbing stairs, going for a stroll with your friends, parking car farther than normal etc. This way you can get some much needed walking exercise almost everyday.

3. Swimming: Swimming is another great exercise for the heart. Try to increase the speed and the amount of time you spend in the pool. You can even play water games. Encourage even children to learn swimming at an early age.

4. Household chores: You can get some much needed exercise by doing household chores like gardening, washing dishes, cleaning the rooms, even mopping the floor. It is good for your heart.

5. Maintain an activity log: You can track how much activity you are getting everyday by maintaining an activity log of what you have done. Record things like what exercises you did and for how long along with the date and time. Before you know it, you can get into the habit of being physically active.

Diet and tips for heart care

1.Avoid a smoking
2.Avoid a drinking of alcohol
3.Do not intake more salt.
4.Take fresh vegetables and fruits which containing vitamin E.
5.Control the blood pressure.
6.Do not eat a dired fruits as well as all foods cooked with oil and butter.
7.Doing a regular exercise.
8.Everyday consuming alma and natural source of vitamin C.

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