Knowledge is Power! What You Need to Know About Eating Healthy

Read labels and learn what they mean

Most people understand that fruits and vegetables are good for you, but few people understand why. Just as importantly, you need to learn which ingredients in foods are bad for you and why.
Understand vitamins and other nutrients

When you understand how specific vitamins and nutrients work in your body and which foods best supply your body with these vitamins and nutrients, you will be more likely to make these healthy choices for yourself. Find a good book on diet and nutrition and you are well on your way to a healthier body.
Natural and

Natural is a term many times associated with fruits and vegetables. The use of the word natural is a clever form of marketing to assure you the product is safe. After all, fruits and vegetables are natural and natural is another way of saying they were formed by nature, right? By the same token foods made from grains -oatmeal, bread, cereal are also natural (they come from nature). Fish, meats, poultry can also be considered natural. Unless it is a new food that has been developed and processed from some inorganic source, the product is natural. Sometimes natural is confused with organic. 

Organic foods are foods grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and animals raised without chemicals and antibiotics to enhance growth. There are two primary benefits gained when consumers use organic foods,  one for you and one for society. First, by eating organic foods, you are avoiding chemicals and toxins that are used in traditional methods of growing the food. Second, you are helping the environment because fewer chemicals are being introduced into nature.
Healthy eating and proper nutrition is so very important for maintaining healthy body function and avoiding disease. It often is not easy to change lifetime eating habits. However, YOU CAN DO IT! To truly get the most out of this body you have been given, it is so important for you to get started on the right track. Much like a properly tuned engine, your body needs the right mixture of fuel to function at peak efficiency.

Diet refers to the foods we eat. Eating for good health, control of a condition like high blood pressure or cholesterol, or for weight loss are different yet alike in that eating healthy foods is essential if you want to feel and look good. At you will find basic information on weight control. Check other pages on this site for other aspects of healthy eating.

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