Why Should We “Juice”? – Main Reasons You Should Add Juicing to Your Health Building Regime

In my quest to achieve better health, I really took a good look at my diet. I was really lacking in my intake of fruits and vegetables. Six servings a day was never achievable for me, even when I consciously tried to make it happen. But that is the daily requirement given us by the FDA to achieve optimal health.

The vegetables I like are very limited, there are very few that I will eat, and that goes double for my teenage daughter. Eating the same vegetables over and over is extremely boring. But, I look at all of the nutritional value that fruits and vegetables give and I want the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients found only in these foods. So I started to look seriously at juicing and I am happy to say this has changed everything for us.

Most importantly, my daughter who has always been relatively healthy, for the last couple of years has had minor complaints of stomach aches and headaches . Through a variety of tests she was found to be deficient in vitamins and minerals. She simply was not taking in enough fruits and vegetables in her diet and she is very picky and likes very few vegetables, just like her mother and only eats fruits only once, rarely twice a day. Now I, on the other hand, have a series of health issues that I am dealing with. Every positive choice I make can only enhance my health renewal. If my daughter was deficient in this health area, then there was no doubt in my mind that I was too.

Juicing has allowed some dramatic changes in our diets and our lives. First of all, I find it very easy to have 6 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Secondly, because we enjoy the tastes of the juices we make, I have become adventurous and began purchasing vegetables for juicing that I would never have eaten. We make fruit juices, vegetable juices and a combination of both. It is fun and delicious! Not only is our health benefiting, so is our relationship. We create and make juices together. It’s great!

The best part is that my daughter is getting all of ( and sometimes more) her daily requirements of fruits and vegetables that she would never eat. After 10-14 days, I recognized a big difference in her demeanor. She was feeling a lot better. No longer complaining of stomach and headaches. She is pretty much back to her old self and she is loving her juices !!! She has one in the morning on her way to school and one in the evening with dinner . My daughter is not overweight, but she did have a little excess around the middle and that is totally gone now.

Now, when I started juicing, I had no Idea what the whole array of benefits were except to get all of my serving of fruits and vegetables daily, but since we began juicing and feeling good, I did more research into the benefits and was impressed in the health benefits that are make juicing even healthier than even eating 6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The body absorbs an even higher rate of nutrients from juices than from solids because it does not have to go through the digestion process. Your body also will also get loads of phytonutrients – those are the nutrients from plants that are the most powerful way to fight disease. Also you receive loads of antioxidants which build the immune system as well as fight free radicals. You will end up with better skin and muscle tone from juicing.

There are so many positive attributes to juicing. I haven’t found any down side. The more juice you drink, the better your health. Juicing makes me feel more alive….The juice I make myself has absolutely no comparison to the juices I may buy in the stores. Did you ever read the labels on one of those bottles of juice? You would need a scientific degree to master the terminology and decipher the meaning of all of the ingredients listed…The juice you make at home is all natural ingredients, fresh whole fruits and vegetables that you purchased yourself. I purchase as much organic or farmers market fruits and vegetables as I can , that is my preference. I will tell you more on that choice later. However, when you juice, you use entire fruits, skin, rinds, stems, seeds. This is where most of the nutritional value is… High in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients, there is no better value.

I highly recommend juicing. For us there is no better way to enjoy your fruits and vegetables. Please let us know your comments and results. We value your input.

My name is Wanda Beckett . I am a self- starter who is motivated to improve health in myself and everyone I can reach. I believe natural health can be achieved and as I go along proving it to myself, I would like you to join me at http://www.comeback2health.com

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