New Eating Habits For Weight Loss

If you are aiming to introduce a new way of eating into your life, be realistic – it may take about a month before you do whatever it is automatically.

Do you remember learning to drive a car? How at first you went through all the procedures very deliberately, until eventually after some time you drive almost automatically. You may not even realise how you got to your destination because you are on ‘automatic pilot.’

So don’t give up too soon on the new eating habits which will improve your life by enabling you to lose the weight you’ve been struggling with for years. Use a chart to tick of the days and you will find that after twenty to thirty days you are repeating the new habit without even thinking about it.

When you decide on introducing a new habit don’t forget SMART goals. Be specific about what you want. Make the achievement of your goal measurable and decide by when you want to achieve it, so that you can break it down into small achievable steps. So if for example your goal is to eat breakfast every day then make that goal more specific by saying exactly what you will eat. You could say ‘a bowl of cereal plus a piece of fruit’ and the absolute specific could be decided each day depending on what you have available. You can tick off each day as you succeed in doing what you set out to do.

By being specific you will be able to make sure you have bought the necessary supplies so you can have those available for breakfast each day. Because for every goal you set in your weight-loss journey there is more than just making a decision not to follow a strict diet any more. Since you will be eating more healthily you have to plan in advance what you will buy so that there isn’t the temptation to eat unsuitable foods. So say no to ‘diet’ and ‘yes’ to changing your eating habits one step at a time.

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