Healthy Eating Habits – A Flat Stomach & a Tight Butt – Are They Related?

Why do you want to lose weight? My money is on a lot of you wanting to change some part of your body that is showing a little too much fat. Let’s have a show of hands. How many of you are looking to lose weight because you want a flat stomach or a tight butt? Thought so. These are two of the most common reasons why people look to find a new diet program. But, will a “quick fix” diet actually be a quick fix, and is it what you really need?

A lot of experts are coming round to the fact now that many diet programs won’t work to keep your body how you really want it longer term. They’re simply designed to make some radical and short-term changes … temporary ones. A lot of the time this is simply based on the fact that you can’t keep these restrictive diets up for life. If you try a diet drinks program for a while, for example, then you are likely to see a lot of initial weight loss.

But, these drinks are not designed to be used forever so as soon as you come off this kind of program you are likely to start to put weight back on. This can be depressing and a vicious cycle, and might even lead you right back to your old junk food eating ways.

So, a lot of people are simply recommending that you look at switching to healthy eating habits instead. If you eat healthy food, in the right amounts then you can change your body. And, you can change it for life. And this is the kind of stuff you can and maybe even should be doing for the long haul.

Are healthy eating habits, a flat stomach & a tight butt related? Think about where your less-than-flat stomach and not-so-tight butt came from. Chances are they came from your poor diet. If you haven’t been eating healthy food and you’ve been eating too much sugary or junky stuff then your body has taken in what you’ve eaten and turned it into the fat you’re having problems with here.

Can’t blame your body for this. This is what it does. If you feed it too much bad stuff and it cannot process what you eat 100% because you’re eating too much, then fat is what you will get. No two ways about it. But, if you switch to healthy eating habits you can stop this in its tracks right now.

If you eat healthy foods and then burn off more than you eat then your body cannot make new fat. It has absolutely nothing to do this with, because it is burning up all it is getting! And, as time passes, you’ll force it to look at those extra pounds sitting on your butt and around your stomach…and it will have to suck them right back out again, and use them as energy. So, if you want a flat stomach and a tight butt, then adopting healthy eating habits may just be the way to go!

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